Monday, June 11, 2012

Thomas Kinkade's Crown Jewel "North Country", c.1983, his largest ORIGINAL masterpiece at 30"x48" (plus the frame), now available for purchase.

Detail View
This is an original hand painted signed oil on canvas in its original frame. It is 30"x48" (unframed dimensions)  and may be the largest masterpiece he's ever done. It was painted before he went commercial so it may be considered fine art. It is a painting of the Chugatch mountains in Alaska and was done in 1983. It is flawless and is in mint condition with only one owner for the nearly three decades since it was painted. It is truly his crown jewel and was authenticated by Linda Mariano, VP of the Thomas Kinkade company and sold by perhaps the world's foremost authority on his work, Karen DeLaCarriere (aka Karen Delac) in California. It is truly his crown jewel and he was the most prolific artist in the world. His works are in one out of twentyAmerican homes. It is estimated that he has sold over $100 million of artwork.
Artist's Handwritten Signature
Detail View

For purchase of this art piece, please contact
(561) 789-4271 Boca Raton, FL. 

Lighting conditions can impact of the the appearance of this painting. The appearance of this painting may vary depending on your lighting preference.